The Pooja & Gurdeep Show

Weekday Mornings 5:00am - 9:00am
Catch Pooja & Gurdeep every weekday morning from 5am - 9am. Pooja & Gurdeep will wake you up and help get your day started with a smile every time. Send Pooja a note here. Send Gurdeep a note here. Twitter: @PoojaHandatv & @GurdeepA Instagram: @PoojaHandatv & @GurdeepA Introduce the Pooja & Gurdeep show! Click here. Pooja & Gurdeep have a Podcast! Pooja & Gurdeep will wake you up and help get your day started with a smile, every time.

Michelle Butterly

Weekdays 9:00am - 1:00pm
Michelle keeps you company with Toronto's Perfect Music Mix during the No Repeat Workday! Send Michelle a note here. Twitter: @mbutterly Instagram: @michellebutterly

Darren Osborne

Weekdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Wrap up the No Repeat Workday with Darren every afternoon. Send Darren a note here. Twitter: @DarrenOsborne98 Instagram: @DarrenOsborne981 Watch Darren's latest "Feel Good Story of the Day" here.

Rick Campanelli with Brooksy

Weekdays 4:00pm-7:00pm
Rick Campanelli with Brooksy will keep you company on your drive home weekdays 4p - 7p Rick Campanelli -  Twitter: @RickACampanelli  Instagram: @rick_campanelli Brooksy - Twitter: @BrooksyRadio Instagram: @brooksyradio


Monday - Thursday 6pm - 9PM + Sunday Noon - 6pm
Listen Sunday afternoon, and Monday - Thursday in the evenings when you get home from work.  When she's not on air, you might catch her playing the ukulele (badly), but she makes up for it by baking delicious chocolate chip cookies! Send Brooksy a note here. Twitter: @BrooksyRadio  Instagram: @BrooksyRadio

Sarah Bartok

Saturday 2:00pm - 8:00pm + Sunday 6:00pm - 10:00:00pm
Listen to Sarah on the weekend! Sarah also hops on the mic when we need her to fill-in, so you might hear her at various times on weekdays and weekends. Send a note to Sarah here. Twitter: @SarahBartok

The Feel Good Brunch with Meredith Shaw

Sunday 9a - Noon
Join Meredith Shaw every Sunday 9a - NOON for ‘The Feel Good Brunch!’ Like any good brunch, you’ll catch up, talk about the week, and hear some fantastic music! What do you say? Wanna grab brunch this week?

Stef Canonico

Listen for Stef filling in whenever we need her!
'Producer Stef' is behind the board on the Pooja & Gurdeep Show, but also hops on the mic to fill in. So you might catch her on weekdays, weekends - at all times of day! Send a note to Stef here. Twitter: @StefCee13 Instagram: @StefC_13


Say hi to Pina! She'll be on air filling in here and there. Send Pina a note here. Twitter: @PinaOnAir Instagram: @PinaOnAir

John Tesh

Weeknights 9:00pm – Midnight.
Evenings are for the John Tesh Radio Show with Intelligence For Your Life! Send a note to John here.

Julie James

Listen for Julie filling in whenever we need her!
You’ll usually find Julie James behind a desk programming CHFI music, but when we need her, she’ll get behind the mic! Send a note to Julie here. Twitter: @HelloJulieJames

Erin Davis

Erin is a part of the CHFI family.
Check out this video from Erin's Up Close & Personal here! Plus, you can read Erin's journals here.