On February 26th, Erin Davis returned to the CHFI Theatre for an Up Close & Personal event about the release of her book, Mourning Has Broken hosted by Maureen Holloway.  Watch the interview in the video below.


When Erin Davis’ daughter Lauren tragically and unexpectedly passed away,  Erin and her husband Rob, started the long journey through their loss, determined not only to survive but also to reclaim the joy in their lives.

At once heartbreaking and profound, Mourning Has Broken (available in-stores February 26) is the story of one family’s determination to regain their optimism and hope for the future. In conversation with others who have made similar journeys, they discover that while their loss will never be diminished, they can find solace in the world around them and a way to cherish the memories of their daughter. 

Inspiring and unflinching, Mourning Has Broken charts a way forward when life throws a curveball. It reminds us that although life is unpredictable and unfair, we can survive and return to joy.

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