Frequently Asked Questions


In the past I was always able to access the “Listen Live” feature. Now however, I am not. Why?

There has probably been in a change in your system, and you might not even know it! Here are a few things to try:

Are you having trouble with the new Listen Live player? Here are a few things you could try to keep troubleshoot any issues you might have.

  • If you turned down the volume on the advertisement, you may have also turned down the volume on the player.  Double check and click on the Volume icon on the player to be sure you have your volume turned up.
  • Try updating your Flash Player.  You can update that for free by clciking here  –
  • It’s also possible your internet browser may not be up to date.  You can find update your browser for free at their websites.  Here are the most popular internet browsers to use:
    Internet Explorer –
    Google Chrome –
    Mozilla Firefox –
  • If you’re still having trouble playing the Listen Live player e-mail us at and we’ll see how we can help you further.
  • If you see a blank window appear when clicking on Listen Live, then your system is configured to block all ads from being served; so you’re not able to access the feed. If this is the case please contact us.


Why doesn’t the radio station start right away when I click on the “Listen Live” link on

In order for us to stream our radio station on the website, we need to sell advertising to recover some of the hard costs. This includes selling a commercial that airs while the station stream is “loading” for you to hear. The station will start automatically after the commercial.


How can I collect my prize?

Winners may pick up their prizes when contacted by a representative from the Promotions Department. Government issued photo ID that includes an address is required for prize pickup at the Rogers store at 333 Bloor Street East (corner of Jarvis & Bloor).  If your government issued photo ID does not include an address, you will be asked to present a recent piece of mail with your name and address. The hours of the store are as follows:

Monday – Friday 9am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

If you’ve won an Enter to Win in The CHFI Loyalty Club, you will be contacted by phone or e-mail by the CHFI Promotion Dept. within two full business days following the date of winning.


I have recently won a contest with 98.1 CHFI. Am I eligible for any other contests?

Yes.  If you have won an Enter to Win Contest through the CHFI Loyalty Club you CAN win again with no time restrictions!  Enjoy.

What should I bring to pick up a prize?

You will need one piece of valid government issued photo ID to pick up any prize. If the ID presented does not have an address presented upon it, you must also present an official document with this information.

PLEASE NOTE: No one else is authorized to pick-up any prize on a winner’s behalf.  All winners must pick up their own prize with valid government issued photo ID.  The Rogers Store employees do not work for 98.1 CHFI and WILL NOT release a prize to anyone who is not the official winner.

Your prize will be available for 30 days

If you think you have won a prize or have any questions about picking up your prize please contact the 98.1 CHFI Promotion Department by completing the form on our Contact Us page here. You can also text us at 981-981.

You will either receive a phone call or an e-mail from a CHFI representative if you have won a prize. Please be patient and wait for this confirmation prior to coming to the Rogers Plus store.


Am I eligible if my postal code is not in the Rules section?

At this point we are tweaking our Rules section.  We had a template to work with originally and now we’re expanding to compensate for our massive signal.  The general consensus is that if you can hear 98.1 CHFI on your radio at home you will be eligible to enter the Loyalty Club, and take part in contests.  We at CHFI want to make sure that this promotion is fair to all of our listeners.