Darren & Mo talked with director, ARSHILE EGOYAN about his film “Absence”. A film he wrote, directed and produced. He has teamed up with Holland Bloorview Hospital for their DEAR EVERYBODY Campaign

  • It stars Holland Bloorview client and Toronto teen, Julian Cappelli who was born with cerebral palsy
  • The film is centred on differently-abled Andrew, whose mother disappears without a trace, leaving his grandmother and estranged aunt to care for him.


  • Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital has launched year four of Dear Everybody, a national movement designed to challenge and help end stigma towards kids and youth with disabilities. This year builds on last year’s theme of disability inclusion in the media.
  • Disability is missing from the picture.
  • 22% of Canada’s population lives with a disability, but that number is not reflected in our advertisements, films, TV shows, books, and on the radio.
  • Dear Everybody hopes to change that by asking brands, companies, broadcasters, and producers to start including disability in the picture.

We encourage you to go to www.deareverybody.ca  to sign the Dear Everybody Agreement and join us in demanding inclusive and diverse representation. Because disability belongs in your newsfeed and on your screens.

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