Darren & Mo spoke with family therapist, Alyson Schafer about Canadians Mental Health.

A recent Angus Reid survey on the impact of COVID on our mental health came out and here are some key points…

Fully HALF of the adults in this country say their mental health has worsened in the last six weeks. A significant number also report a decline in their physical health:

Worry and anxiety are higher among women than men, but so too are feelings of gratitude.
Men are more likely than women to say they’re optimistic.
Young people report doing worse than older people.
Men say they’re doing better than women
The Hardest Hit are dealing with both worsened financial and emotional circumstances. What’s important about the hardest hit is they are found across all income groups.
Mental stress isn’t just driven by or connected to financial problems. A lot of it has to do with day-in-day-out living situations.

Those Hardest Hit are 4x more likely to say relationships with those they are living with have deteriorated:

Those Managing Well haven’t seen a worsening on either front.

Thinking about the words that most describe the way they have been feeling in recent weeks, Canadians use four words the most:

worry, anxiety, gratitude and boredom.

Regardless of where Canadians fit into the picture of emotional and financial well being in these unprecedented times, they are quite consistent about one thing.
Most say it’s “too soon” to begin lifting restrictions on business and public mixing just yet:




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