There’s nothing like having an ice cream cone, on a hot Summer day! is encouraging you to make your ice cream different this Summer. Check out these ice cream hacks you can try!


  • Experiment with new ingredients. Impress your friends with unique toppings and flavours. Edible flowers, honey combs, different varieties of nuts (if your guests don’t have an allergy).


  • Run your ice cream scoop under hot water prior to scooping. The metal on your scooper heats up. When scooping, the ice cream slightly melts, making it easier to serve.


  • Store your ice cream upside down in your freezer, to avoid freezer burn. The ice cream will slide to its base, and limit air exposure.


  • Use a jellybean or marshmallow, place them at the bottom of your cone. A great trick to avoid leaks!


  • If you have an almost finished jar of Nutella or peanut butter, drop your sccop of ice cream inside. Stir it up, and you have a delicious treat! 


Also, if you’re looking for a way to make an easy homemade ice cream, Chatelaine has 31 recipes for you to try! We recommend the homemade cereal and mango ice cream! Make some ice cream today! 


(Sources:, Photo source: Robert Caruso/Chatelaine Archive)

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