There are a few bands in music history that are considered “iconic” and one of those is Queen.  Since the 70’s they have been selling out stadiums all around the world and now some 40 years later they are STILL doing it!  On Tuesday night in Toronto – Queen’s remaining members were joined once again by the spectacular vocal chops of American Idol alum Adam Lambert.  Most of the crowd did not even bother to use the seats they paid for because the show was a non-stop ride of ear and eye candy that barely stopped to take a breather.  The opening sequence which included a “We Will Rock You” teaser and “Hammer to Fall” took the sold out crowd at Air Canada Centre from 0-to-60 in mere seconds…

I’ve seen a lot of concerts over the years.  This was music royalty at it’s finest and easily one of the best shows I’ve witnessed.

Queen + Adam Lambert at ACC in Toronto (July 18th, 2017)
Queen + Adam Lambert at ACC in Toronto (July 18th, 2017)

It’s been a few years for the combination but back in 2014 when they appeared on the X Factor UK – people started to realize what could be…

If you get a chance to see them on this tour – do yourself a favour and go.  You’ll be witnessing history.  The unfortunate reality is…they can’t tour forever.

For tour dates visit the official Queen website here!

You can follow Adam Lambert on Twitter at @adamlambert

Here’s hoping you get a chance to go and see this show – and if not this time – here’s hoping they come back VERY soon!

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