Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories


1020 Brevik Pl. Unit 1A, MISSISSAUGA, L4W 4N7, CA


During this crisis of COVID 19 Pandemic, we are spending 90% or more of our time indoors. We should therefore be concerned about the air quality in our homes.

Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories can help you determine if your family is exposed to dangerous levels of airborne mould spores.

As our way of helping you during this difficult time, for every 5 samples collected from your home or office, ONE sample will be analysed for Free.

To ensure social distancing, we will not come to your house or office. Instead, we shall rent you our professional air sampling equipment and show you how to operate it. Once you collect the samples, you simply ship or deliver them to our lab at:

Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories
1020 Brevik Place, Unit 1A
Mississauga, ON L4W 4N7
Tel: 1-905-290-9101


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