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Menen Centre Of The Sea


#200, 738 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada


Are you ready to live a heart-centred life to benefit your actual heart and brain health? I’m here to help you! With this you can have a stronger immune system, better sleep, clear focus and improved function in all areas of your life to help you live fully!

This is a local business serving all of Ontario and beyond through WhatsApp phone/video appointments.

For help through difficult times like separation/divorce, job loss, home loss and illness. 21 years of experience as Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, today working exclusively on helping mental/emotional health which is particularly vulnerable through our Covid-19 days currently.

Offering discount for appointment bookings during our social distancing time – please contact me if I can help you or anyone you know that could use assistance.

Contact:; 416-920-8975.

I would love to help, and you would help my small business of one stay alive through these uncertain times – I am grateful for your support and I would love to support you in turn!

Be well everyone and thank-you!