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Gib-San Pool & Hot Tub Centre


711 Kipling Avenue, Toronto, M8Z 5G4, CA


Good-Morning CHFI!

We are listening to you this morning and heard about your initiative with Scotiabank. I am reaching out from Gib-San Pools. We are a local business that has been in the Toronto community for over 50 years! We grew up in the community that we work in. My grandpa started the business and my father bought the business from him and my brother and I work along side our dad now. We build and design custom swimming pools and backyard resorts. We have three main areas of our business including: construction, service and the retail store.

Right now, based on the seasonal nature of our business this is sour key time of the year for opening swimming pools, building swimming pools and selling accessories and toys.

Our retail store (The Gib-San Pool & Hot Tub Centre) provides free comprehensive water testing and support for clients. Currently, we are offering curb side pick up and delivery options. Water maintenance and sanitation has been deemed essential in both the USA and Canada due to the risks and hazards leaving stagnant water. Leaving the water untreated can become breeding grounds for issues such as west nile, bugs etc. We have such a dedicated, loyal team of people with an average tenure of over 10 years!

My dad, the president and CEO, is doing absolutely everything he can to take care of our team and the employees as he always does. He is the most thoughtful, generous, compassionate and caring person I know. In a small to medium sized business the pressure and stress is so significant during this time. If I could provide him with some local support generation it would mean the world to us.

I hope that you will consider our business and I appreciate the opportunity! Thank you for this initiative. The local community truly needs all the support it can get! Sincerely, Caley Gibbs, Gib-San Pools, 647-883-6134,

Watch this video of my dad with a little more info on who we are.