Amreeta Kaur, MSW, RSW (Psychotherapy & Counselling) - CHFI

Amreeta Kaur, MSW, RSW (Psychotherapy & Counselling)


95 Mural Street, Suite 600, Richmond Hill, L4B 3G2, CA


I am committed to continue to provide support to the community during this time of uncertainty.

Psychotherapy and counselling sessions are available by secure video and phone.

I offer free 15-minute telephone consultation, which can be booked online at by clicking HERE.

I provide counselling and psychotherapy services to teenagers and adults (age 15 and up) who are experiencing feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression.

During this pandemic, you may be experiencing these feelings related to being isolated, or feelings of uncertainty. You may notice that your perfectionism qualities are heightened during this time.

I provide a safe place for you to work through these feelings, access your own unique strengths and resources, and reach your counselling goals.

In this way, you will start to develop inner peace and acceptance of all different aspects of you, feel grounded within, and feel more connected to yourself and others.