Count your loonies and get your money in order! The now famous Rosebud Motel from the TV show Schitt’s Creek is going to be put up for sale soon.  Of course it isn’t really called the Rosebud Motel but that doesn’t prevent fans of the hit TV show from finding the motel which is just outside of Orangeville. Through out the day it is a nonstop stream of cars pulling up and people getting out to have their picture taken in front of the motel where outdoor scenes for the Emmy winning show where shot. recently featured a story about the motel being put up for sale by owner Jesse Tipping, currently serving as the president of the Athlete Institute Basketball Academy and Orangeville Prep, who purchased the motel in 2011 to house recruits for what’s become the most success prep school basketball program in Canada.  NBA Denver Nugget star Jamal Murray lived there for two years.  No kidding! Read more at

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