Ok, so, we can probably all agree…..summer is great! We look forward to it all year long. But nothing, NOTHING, compares to the magic of the summer of your childhood, right? Unfortunately, “adulting” means you can’t necessarily spend all day cruising the suburbs on your banana seat bike with your pack of friends.

BUT……the long weekend is coming up (T-minus 3 days!)….how about revisiting some of the best old school summer activities?! Even better, if you are trying to entertain the kids this weekend, maybe try revisiting some of these with them!

A survey says these are the best childhood summer activities:

1.  Spending so much time with friends.  44% said it was one of the best parts of summer when they were young.

2.  Bonfires, 31%.

3.  Camping in the woods, 30%.

4.  Swimming pools, 30%.

5.  Family vacations, 27%.

6.  Family reunions, 27%.

7.  Sleepovers, 27%.

8.  Swimming in lakes, rivers, or the ocean, 25%.

9.  Playing outside all day, 25%.

10.  Camping in the backyard, 23%.