Helllloooo my lovelies! And goodbye. This is the last Postcard from the Pandemic. The pandemic isn’t over, but I hope we have weathered the worst of it. The postcards, however, are going on permanent hiatus. Now before you start wailing and gnashing your teeth, remember what the Reverend Mother said in “The Sound of Music”. No, not climb every mountain. Something about when the Lord closes a door, He opens a window. The Lord notwithstanding, we are closing the door on this blog, and opening a window into another way of connecting.


I have so enjoyed sharing these strange, long, lonely days with you, trading recipes, comparing crafts, talking about our families and friends. I know it’s mostly been about me, because, well, it just is, but it’s also about Nuala, who put her doctor daughter on a plane to work in Ireland in March, and misses her terribly. It’s about Patty, who had to cancel a big family trip to Nicaragua, and Pat, who had a similar trip planned to Portugal. There’s Margaret, who took an early retirement,  and Cathy, who worried about her son going back to work. Frank worried about finding a bathroom stop on the way to the cottage – I’m sure he found one. There’s Peggy, who grew up in Pointe Claire, and may have bought the same kind of mood ring I shoplifted when I was 13 at Fairview Mall (I got caught, and the mood ring turned black.) We talked feminism with Kelly Ann, Joan and Colleen, and anti-racism with Louise, Barbara and my dear Caribbean Spice Girl. I got into gardening with Adele, bought a mask from Diane, and wished Carol a happy 60th birthday.


Jody and Jennifer shared recipes for boozy popsicles. Debbie, Charlaine and Melody wanted vegan crabcakes, and everyone was intrigued by the chickpea shampoo. Holly offered up margaritas made with orange and cinnamon. Paul gave up some BBQ secrets. Rosemarie and Bridget shared their thoughts on Black Lives Matter. I don’t want to forget Vann, and Rowan, and Raija, and of course there’s Lori, whose daughter turned 21, and whose husband is going bald (try the chickpea shampoo).


These are just some of the names I’m retrieving from my notes, and I know I’ve left out many, many more, but please know I read each and every message you sent me, and I’m so grateful you took the time to do so, and to read this little journal in the first place. So why stop now? Because it’s about time, and the fact that I don’t have enough of it. We are entering into the next phase of reopening and recovery, and I have a long list of things to do, people to see, and places to go. We have a new game show (called  CHFI’s Game Time) that we are doing every week on Instagram and Facebook. I have plans to do a podcast. And of course, there’s that little morning show I do with Darren every morning from 5 to 9.


I’m going to take some time off at the cottage, and when I come back, I will be posting videos regularly to Instagram. If you want, you can follow me there at @missmoradio. You can also find me on Twitter at @maureenholloway, and you can always email me at the address linked below. In short, there will be enough ways to stay in touch, so don’t you worry. We’re all going to be fine. In the mean time (and the time can be so mean), keep busy, be happy, open your heart and let love shine.


Oh, and climb every mountain.


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