Hellooo my bubble babies! And how IS your bubble? Ours has expanded a bit. I hesitate to tell you this, because I’m not entirely sure it if’s kosher, but we went to ANOTHER PERSON’S HOME this weekend. For one night, anyway. We went to Muskoka to visit family, some of whom we had not seen in months. I was absurdly excited, packing an overnight bag, trying to figure out what to wear, wishing I had done my nails, stocking my make-up bag (and then forgetting it at home).


There were 8 of us in all. I know we can have gatherings of 10 outside, and that you can open your household to one other family, so I’m assuming we were abiding by the rules, but who knows? I heard they were packed in at Woodbine and Cherry beaches in the city, and the bars and restaurants are open outside the GTA (with restrictions) , so I guess we were OK? I don’t know. There was oodles of space, so we could all keep our distance, but we shared meals together, so if I come down with the big C in the days to come, you’ll know, for my sins, where I got it.


I’m not being flippant about it, I assure you. And at one point, where we were all hovering around the kitchen at cocktail hour, I had a mild panic attack. There were just too many people in a semi-enclosed space. I’ve never liked crowds, or close contact. My colleagues (meaning Darren) make fun of me because I’m not a hugger, at least not in the workplace, and Rogers/CHFI is a very huggy place. I AM a hugger in my personal life, but professionally, I prefer a firm handshake. Both hugs and handshakes will disappear from the landscape, I’m almost certain, so the point will be moot. But I have to say after three months in quarantine, I am not ready to literally embrace the world.


We are now back in the city, and John and Ronan have gone to play father and son golf. I was invited, but it’s a billion degrees out there, so I elected to stay home and give myself a pedicure. It occurred to me that not only is this the first pedicure I’ve given myself in almost 20 years, but it’s also the first time I’ve been alone in the house since March, and it’s WONDERFUL! The pedicure not so much; my toes are much farther away from me than I recall, so much so that I can’t really see them all that well, but whatever I did down there has to be an improvement. But it’s lovely to be by myself, if only for an afternoon.


Keep cool, my babies. I send you half-hearted hugs.



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