Helllloo my players! We are so deep into this quarantine I can’t even remember what week we are on. Hang on a sec. Week 13. Wow. I know I said it feels like we are coming out of it, but until I can get a haircut, hug a friend, and then sit in a restaurant with them, I consider the situation on-going. Even when these things become possible, it will not and cannot be the same. Travel will be challenging and expensive, larger gatherings will be frowned upon, and some things, like movies, dining, live performance and sporting events will never be the same. Anyway, you didn’t come here to wring your hands, did you? You came here for fun! FUN! YAH! FUN!


What do you do for fun? We have talked about crafts and hobbies and cooking and exercising, and while those activities can be enjoyable, they are usually worthy, and productive. I’m talking out and out frivolity, where you do something just because it’s fun and passes the time, a pastime, if you will, or a game. We play quite a few games in this family. The most popular is a card game called Screw Your Neighbour, although you may know it as Bugger Bridge. Yes, both are rude names. I didn’t come up with them. Interesting sidebar about Screw Your Neighbour: my brother and his girlfriend used to play it with a woman who lived upstairs from them. He eventually left his girlfriend and married the woman upstairs, making it the most realistic game of Screw Your Neighbour anyone has ever played.


We also play Monopoly, although I don’t enjoy it as much now that both John and Aidan actually work in real estate and insist on making cutthroat deals that leave the rest of us bowed and bloodied on the board. We also play Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Cathedral, Things in a Box (invented by Christine Cardoso’s husband, did you know?) and chess. Actually, Ronan and Aidan play chess. My father taught them, as well as my nephew Sam, and I love that they all still play, with my dad’s set, no less. I also used to play chess, but now it gives me anxiety. I prefer backgammon, which only gives me mild palpitations.


Anyhoozles, this is all a preamble to invite you to play CHFI’s Game Time with me. It’s a new easy trivia game we are trying out once a week, on Thursdays at 1PM, on Zoom. There are no prizes, at least not yet. The play’s the thing, as someone once said, and if you guessed it was Hamlet, you’re probably too good for this, but please come play with us anyway. Here’s the link.


C’mon, It’ll be fun!


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