Hellllooo my blushing babes! I feel spirits lifting as we head into summer. The weather is fine, the days are longer, the headlines hold a note of promise, and, as Mayor John Tory told us the other day, things are looking up. Premier Doug Ford has announced that restaurants in many regions outside Toronto can re-open on Friday, so who wants to meet for lunch in Orillia? Now if only I could get a haircut. I’ve had a number of people suggest that I keep it long, or longer than I usually do, but frankly, wavy silver hair makes me look like a cross between Queen Elizabeth and a bush hag. I’m not even sure what a bush hag is, but in these hypersensitive times, I hope I’m not offending anyone.


I am gripped – absolutely gripped, I tell you – by “Normal People”. It’s a BBC TV series currently showing on CBC Gem, and I’m loving every minute of it. Set in Ireland, it tells the story of two young people who meet in high school and fall in lust. It might be love, but it certainly starts off in lust. Their relationship follows them to Trinity College in Dublin, where complications ensue, as they must. At first I resisted it, because I’m a little past tales of young romance, but the actors, scenery and dialogue are fantastic, and the story is, let’s face it, more or less universal.


I’m watching the show on my laptop with my headphones on, because John is into something else right now involving space vikings or some such nonsense, and the kids have co-opted the TV downstairs. It’s just as well, because the sex scenes are very steamy and squirmy, and not the type of thing I want to watch with my family, or they with me. Don’t get me wrong: I’m the opposite of puritanical when it comes to parental control. Ronan just reminded me that he watched “40 Year old Virgin” with me when he was 9, followed by “Knocked Up” when he was 11. Aidan piled on, recalling that when he was 9, I rented “Team America” for him and his friends, apparently unaware that it featured puppets performing sex acts that are still illegal in some states. They loved it, but to this day I hope the other kids didn’t tell their parents.


It doesn’t end there. Two years ago, following a family tradition, the four of us plus Aidan’s girlfriend Jamie went to the movies on Boxing Day. Our choice was “Call Me By Your Name”, which is a lovely film, but if you have never watched two beautiful men have sex with each other and a piece of fruit while sitting in a row with your future in-laws, then you don’t know the meaning of embarrassment.


In any case, do check out “Normal People” if you like pretty, tormented people having ridiculous sex in gorgeous places. Watch it on your own like me, or freak out your teenager. It’s never too late to do that.


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