Hellloooo my spring peepers! Monday was a day of high drama, in so far as nothing all that exciting happened, but compared to the days of yore, it was jam packed. It used to be that every day brought several appointments, meetings and encounters, on top of the requirements of work and family. Now, like a senior citizen, I build an entire agenda on going to the grocery store.


Ronan booked a van to move out of the house he’s been sharing downtown for the past two years. He’s been quarantining with us since the beginning of March, but now that the school year is over he’s not going back. He was incredibly lucky to find someone to sublet his room; apparently there’s still a demand for cheap housing in Toronto, if it can be found. He and Katherine set out in my car to pick up the van, only to discover that my right tire was flat. I’ve had the car less than a year, and this is my second flat, and this displeases me. They took an Uber instead, and I called my tire guy – yes, I have a tire guy because I’M AN ADULT NOW – and he said he could take me immediately to switch out my summer tires. My tires are run flat, which means I could drive there, albeit very cautiously. It occurred to me when I arrived that the tire crew were the first humans I sort of know, other than my family at home, that I’ve spoken to, in person, in weeks. In fact, because I had trouble resetting the controls after the tire change, one of the guys had to get in the car with me to help (he asked, of course). He might as well have been getting into bed with me – it felt that intimate after all this time.


Back home, and Ronan and Katherine were unpacking the van. The furniture he took to school two years ago seems strange and a little unfamiliar, as it first went to school with Aidan, then back to the basement, then out with Ronan, and now back again. There’s a battered Ikea desk, a wooden bookshelf from MY childhood, a nightstand that belonged to John’s GRANDfather, and a Danish modern chair that we found in our first house, too nice to throw out but not quite worth refinishing. Not to mention posters, boxes of books, electronics, school supplies, everything coated with dust. The bedsheets went straight into the laundry, arguably for the first time since Christmas. Look, I’m not judging. When I was at university, my roommate and I washed our dishes once a month whether they needed it or not. I want to take half the stuff he brought home to the dump, as you know, is closed for the duration.


So now he’s officially back home, with a girlfriend, and, while they may not fully realize it yet themselves, absolutely no plans. Kath, who still has a year of uni left, was supposed to work at a sports camp this summer, but that’s not happening. Ronan IS studying for the LSAT, which he will write in June; apart from that, the plan was to work, volunteer and travel for a year before going to law school. I’m sure law school will happen, but the rest is up in the air for now. Right now he’s downstairs playing Call of Duty, with no sense of irony.


With the weather so beautiful today, it feels like anything is possible, despite the government’s words of caution to hasten slowly, as it will take time and prudence to restart the economy. I’m longing to crank open the windows, sit on a patio, meet with friends, buy a new outfit. It will happen eventually, I know. In the mean time, I’ve got my summer tires …


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