Darren & Mo caught up with their good friend Tyler Shaw to talk about an amazing new song he’s been working on with other Canadian artists.  The song debuted on Sunday when CHFI aired the Canadian benefit special Stronger Together, Tous Ensemble.  The show closed with a performance of more than two dozen of Canada’s biggest stars including, Justin Beiber, Michael Bublé and Avril Lavigne covering the treasured classic Lean On Me from the late  Bill Withers. The collaboration, officially known as ArtistsCAN, was all Tyler’s idea!  He reached out to his good friend Fefe Dobson to help him organize the big collaboration over 3 weeks.  Each artist recorded the cover from their home during the pandemic.

During the creation of the cover, Tyler would send the artists involved  a reference track with him singing to give everyone an idea of what it would sound like.  One of Canada’s legends heard him singing the song and gave him some unforgettable feedback!

Darren & Mo also took some time to check in with Tyler and see how he and his wife have been holding up through the pandemic.

The rendition was released as a charity single in support of Canadian Red Cross’s COVID-19 initiatives.  Tyler told Darren & Mo how people can support this song.

We love the younger beardless Tyler Shaw + the older Tyler Shaw with a beard! Thanks Tyler For putting this together!