Helllooo my chicks and bunnies! Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy long weekend, although the days are blending together now, aren’t they? They are for me, especially now that I’m working from home. More on that in a mo, but first, Helen writes to say her son is in his last year at Western, but won’t be home until after exams. Her daughter is in HER last year of high school, and, like so many others, will miss prom and graduation. Julie works in finance and has never been busier, but the real fight is keeping off the pounds and resisting the urge to turn her “medicinal wine into recreational wine”. She also has a brand new grand baby whom she’s longing to hold. Dianne writes to say she loves her Dyson vacuum as much as I do mine, but Tim is not a fan. And Leanne, the mad muffin baker, hit upon a great way to show support to some medical workers who may not be getting the love they deserve, namely EMS helicopter workers. Leanne has a pretty sweet crib in the sky next to St. Michael’s Hospital, and look what she put up on her window:



Nice gesture, Leanne, and lovely view. I too have a good view of my backyard, now that I’m back in the home office. I worked from home for years, back in my rock radio days. I had a dedicated broadcast line into the house, and I would drop in on various morning shows across the country, from Halifax to Vancouver, all while wearing my jammies. I enjoyed it for all the reasons you’re probably experiencing working from home right now: no commute, no need to dress up or put on make-up, more time with the family. These are also the reasons why you WANT to go to work. Anyhoo, after three weeks of telling people to stay home, Darren and I are taking our own advice and broadcasting from our humble abodes. Everything is internet based now, so we are connected to the station that way, and we can see and talk to each other over Zoom conferencing. It’s taken a little practice, and there are more than a few awkward pauses and “no YOU go”’s, but we’re still in business, and we invite you to listen in. Here’s a look at my set-up:



It’s pretty sweet, although quite cold in the morning but hot at night. Kinda like me.


So that’s me all sorted for the time being. I just got back from the grocery store, where I spent 45 minutes lined up to get in, then filled two carts, hoping this will get us through the long weekend. I didn’t mind the wait. Food is our main recreation these days, and we are lucky to have plenty of it. While I was there, a man told me I had a cute face. He was at least 80, but I’ll take it where I can get it. Let’s be grateful for small pleasures.


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