Taylor Swift becomes a man in her video for “The Man”.

The video, which she directed, shows a man who is rude, yells at his coworkers, smokes on the subway while man-spreading:




He also gets “father of the year” for just being near his daughter, goes crazy at a strip club, and then as an old man he marries a much younger woman.

This “man” that Taylor is depicting is a scumbag.




Some things about the video:

  • This is the first video Taylor has been a solo director
  • The voice of “the man” at the end is Dwanye Johnson
  • Taylor notes in the end credits that she “owns” the video
  • Taylor is actually the man in the video. At the end it shows the incredible make up process she did for the transformation.


Plus, it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift video without Easter Eggs!

In a Q&A with fans, Taylor says there are “Lots and lots. More than in any kid’s yard on Easter morning.”

Some of them:

The hallway with all the hands with the columns and high ceilings is like Kim and Kayne’s house.  Of course, that feud’s been going on for years.



At a subway stop, you see graffiti that says Taylor’s album titles and the word KARMA. There’s also a sign that says “Missing: If found return to Taylor Swift”. That’s a dig at Scooter Braun who bought all of her old albums, and if that wasn’t clear, there’s another sign that says “No Scooters Allowed”.



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