Toronto has been ranked as one of the BEST cities in 2020! Out of 25 cities worldwide, we have been ranked #17!

According to, their website states, “The performance of the Top 100 global cities in this report is summarized in radar charts.  Each of the six hexagons in a radar chart represents a category of a city’s place equity.”  The categories include place, product, programming, people, prosperity and promotion.



And thanks to Afar, they have broken down each category for a better understanding of the cities and their rankings.



“This includes weather (the average number of sunny days), safety (homicide rate), as well as neighborhoods and landmarks (specifically the number of which were recommended by locals and visitors) and outdoors (or the number of parks and outdoor activities recommended by locals and visitors).”



“The People category takes into account the city’s diversity (percentage of foreign-born residents) as well as the educational attainment (percentage of population with a bachelor’s degree or higher).”



“This is what most guidebooks would call “things to do” and includes experiences offered in the areas of culture (specifically performing arts), nightlife, dining, and shopping recommended by both locals and visitors.”



“Includes each city’s infrastructure and institutions. This is where attractions and museums are considered, as well as other areas like airport connectivity (or the number of direct destinations served by the city’s airports), university ranking (specifically the ranking of the top local school), and the size of the local convention center.”



“Includes the number of Global 500 corporate headquarters located within each city and the GDP per capita. While most travelers wouldn’t necessarily factor these things into choosing a destination, Resonance believes greater “prosperity” draws more people to live in these cities, which eventually drives more economic growth and development. That means better dining options, cultural institutions, and airports in the long run.”



“In addition to relying on user-generated data from locals and visitors to vet dining and shopping recommendations, this list also looked at how popular each city was online. The Promotion category—or how a city’s story is shared through online channels—is based specifically on the number of Facebook check-ins, Google searches, TripAdvisor reviews, and Instagram hashtags shared online about each city, as well as the popularity of each city in Google Trends over the last 12 months.”



Below are the Top 25 World’s Best Cities of 2020:


1. London, England

Highlighted ranking: Programming (1), Promotion (1)

2. New York, United States

Highlighted ranking: Culture (1), Promotion (2)


3. Paris, France

Highlighted ranking: Shopping (1), Neighborhoods and Landmarks (2)

4. Tokyo, Japan

Highlighted ranking:  Restaurants (2), Global 500 Companies (2)


5. Moscow, Russia

Highlighted ranking: Airport Connectivity (1), Museums (1)


6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Highlighted ranking: Outdoors (5), Safety (6)

7. Singapore, Singapore

Highlighted ranking: GDP per Capita (4), Safety (4)


8. Barcelona, Spain

Highlighted ranking: Nightlife (3), Promotion (8)


9. Los Angeles, United States

Highlighted ranking: University Ranking (4), Promotion (7)

 10. Rome, Italy

Highlighted ranking: Neighborhoods and Landmarks (4), Shopping (6)


11. San Francisco, United States

Highlighted ranking: University (3), People (8)


12. Madrid, Spain

Highlighted ranking: Nightlife (6), Place (13)


13. Chicago, United States

Highlighted ranking: Culture (7), Airport Connectivity (8)

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14. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Highlighted ranking: GDP per Capita (2), Weather (3)


15. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Highlighted ranking: Airport Connectivity (7), Educational Attainment (8)


16. Beijing, China

Highlighted ranking: Global 500 Companies (1), Airport Connectivity (3)

17. Toronto, Canada

Highlighted ranking: People (3), Global 500 Companies (7)

 18. Doha, Qatar

Highlighted ranking: GDP per Capita (1), Safety (8)


19. Hong Kong, China

Highlighted ranking: Global 500 Companies (10), Diversity (12)


20. San Diego, United States

Highlighted ranking: Outdoors (8), University (10)


21. Boston, United States

Highlighted ranking: University (1), GDP per Capita (6)


22. Sydney, Australia

Highlighted ranking: Diversity (6), Outdoors (11)


23. Last Vegas, United States

Highlighted ranking: Attractions (5), Promotion (14)


 24. Miami, United States

Highlighted ranking: Diversity (4), Instagram Hashtags (8)

25. San Jose, United States

Highlighted ranking: University (2), Educational Attainment (3)

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