Darren B. Lamb went to visit his furry friends at the Toronto Humane Society, and brought some very surprise special guests.  Scott and Beth from Caru Pet Food accompanied Darren during his visit with some exciting news that made every pups tail wag.  Caru Pet Food donated over $13,000 in yummy natural, healthy stews and treats to the Toronto Humane Society.  The pooches loved the food and all the humane grade ingredients!  Caru Pet Foods looks like a stew that humans could eat themselves but trust us…it’s meant for your dog!  The Canadian company’s donation will not only impact the shelter animals but it will also support the Toronto Humane Society’s pet food bank! See how it all went down in this interview with Scott and Beth from Caru Pet Food below!

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Darren & Mo

Darren B. Lamb Presents Caru Pet Food Donation to Toronto's Humane Society

Originally Aired: December 3, 2019