Wow! What an opening weekend, for the new DC Comics movie, Joker!  The movie debuted at #1 this weekend. The comic-based film is celebrating the biggest October opening of all time with an estimated $93.5 million! Did you see the movie? (my daughter did, and she gave it 9.5 out of 10!) I HAVE to see this, for sure!  I DID see Hustlers on the weekend, and it was really good, too! J-Lo is amazing in it!

Have a look at the weekend’s biggest movie trailers, here! And let us know which movies you think WE should see!


Weekend Box Office

(in estimated millions)

1. Joker — $93.5 million

2. Abominable — $12


3. Downton Abbey — $8



4. Hustlers — $6.3


5. It: Chapter Two — $5.36



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