A happy late summer shoutout to you! It’s been an eventful one for me. Have you heard that I’m to be a MIL? Not to be confused with a MILF, although I’d like to think I’m still one of those. A few weeks ago, I had an Uber driver tell me that I could still get a man, which I confusedly took as compliment, despite the fact that I already have a man, and a damn fine one at that, and furthermore I should not be judged on my ability to secure a fellow despite my incipient decrepitude.


But I digress.


Aidan and Jamie got engaged. It happened at our cottage, on our boat, and it was absolutely lovely, not to mention a complete surprise to Jamie, who just thought she was going to pick up eggs and milk on Sunday morning. Aidan had the whole thing planned, right down to the sparkly diamond he whipped out after stopping the boat and popping the question. After the stopping and popping (she said yes!), they came back to the cottage (without eggs or milk), where John and Ronan and I and the aunts and cousins had gathered for a surprise Champagne brunch. THEN a float plane came down out of the sky to pick them up and take them to HER parents’ cottage in Muskoka, where her family and friends were gathered to celebrate. Here, take a look:




So now it’s all wedding talk, even though the ceremony itself won’t take place for at least a year. As the Mother of the Groom, or MOG, I believe my duties come down to keeping a pleasant expression on my face and saying “that sounds lovely!” I’m getting plenty of (mostly unsolicited) advice from other MOGs and MOBs, and it seems so weird, because I feel like I just got married myself a few years ago, and how could this be happening so soon?


For the record, we could not be happier for them. Jamie is a wonderful young woman, full of love and laughter, and she loves Aidan with all her heart, and he her. They share the same goals and values. She’s been family ever since he brought her home three years ago, so why not make it official?


On a sadder note, Ronan and his girlfriend of four years split up 5 days earlier. They’d been together since high school, and weathered constant separation as they both went off to universities in different countries. But it was not meant to be. Not now, anyway, and they are both ridiculously young. The heart is a lonely hunter. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds poetic, and if you think Ronan is using the heartbreak to write some songs, you are thinking correctly. Here, have a listen to one written in happier times:




So that’s where we’re at. Laughing and loving and singing and crying. And summer isn’t even over yet. And for the record, I’m in no rush to be a GILF.



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