Are you excited for the Royal Wedding? I’m not sure if it’s cool to admit you are. I mean, who ARE Prince Harry and Meagan Markle to us anyway? He’s not even seriously in line for the throne anymore, and even if he was, he’s not the boss of us. She’s adorable, and worthy, and, as a divorced American woman of colour, she’s a radical departure from the typical English roses who climb the palace walls. But who really cares about British pomp, and fascinators, and horse drawn carriages amongst the darling buds of May anyway?


Well, it turns out I do. And I’m going. To the wedding. Darren and Mo are going to London for Harry and Meagan’s wedding. I’m well aware that the ceremony is actually taking place in Windsor, about an hour’s trip from London, and that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that we’ll get remotely close to the Royals or anyone like them. We are only going for the long weekend, and will be broadcasting live from studios in downtown London on the Friday and Saturday. But we will have access to all things British, from local characters to the people at Hello magazine. We will be there to witness the excitement and festivity and, hopefully, send some of it home to Toronto.


It’s been a while since I’ve been to a traditional wedding.  The only marriages taking place amongst my age group at this point are second ones (or, God help them, hat tricks), and those usually involve quiet ceremonies and sheepish glances, depending on the way the last marriage ended, and the age difference between the bride and groom. None of our children, or our friends’ children, is quite at the marrying stage, although that could change any minute. I look forward to the next wave of betrothals, as I have a storage closet full of gravy boats just itching to be given away.


On the subject of weddings, and wedding parties, do you know that I have never been a bridesmaid? That’s right. Only a bride. I don’t feel too bad about that. I don’t have a huge circle of female friends, and the ones that I do have either a) never married, b) had hardly any attendants, or c) don’t really like me that much. Or maybe d) were afraid my unearthly beauty would upstage the event. Ah well.


In any case, the Harry/Meagan shindig should be a blast.  It’s been such a long winter full of tiring and terrible news; the world needs something fun and frivolous to moon over, so why not this? I might even wear a fascinator, if I can figure out how to fit it around my headphones.


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