Easter is just a few days away, and we’ve got all your Easter preparation ideas covered!


Egg Decorating

If you want to step up your Easter egg decorating, here are 25 ideas you can choose from.

It covers the simplest techniques you can try with the kids, but also has some for the more artistically inclined.

Prep your eggs



Easter brunch is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday! Whether it’s just for a couple people, or a whole house filled with family and friends, you can find the perfect recipes here.

12 Spring Side Dish Recipes for Easter Ham



Easter Desserts

What’s Easter without some treats and sweets? Here’s a fun spin on cake pops you can try:



If you’re hosting the Easter festivities at your house this year, you’ll need to keep your guests entertained. What better way to do that than with Easter games? Check out these 8 games to keep the whole family busy.




Rather than buying Easter decorations, why not make them? Try out some fun and easy crafts with the kids!



Have a Happy Easter!

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