A scientist in Tokyo has found that eating ICE CREAM for breakfast makes you SMARTER!

For the study he had one group of people eat ice cream right after they woke up and one group of people who just ate a normal breakfast.  He then had both groups do the same series of mental exercises on a computer.

The researchers found the people who ate ice cream had FASTER reaction times and processed information better.  When he monitored their brain waves, he also found they were more alert and calmer.

You may be thinking the COLDNESS of ice cream just gave them a jolt and made them more alert.  But the scientist who ran this study thought of that, so he also ran the tests where people chugged cold water first.

And he found they did NOT do as well as the people who ate the ice cream.  So there’s something specifically related to ice cream that makes you smarter.

He believes is that there’s some ingredient in ice cream that helps your brain or that eating ice cream makes you HAPPY, which boosts your mental energy.

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

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