A new survey looked at how much Moms deserve to get paid for all the work they do…  Let’s see if you agree…

According to new research, moms deserve a salary of $253,000 a year for all the unpaid work they do.  Moms do an average of 119 hours of unpaid work every week for their family.  Here are the 10 jobs they do and what they SHOULD get paid per hour.

Housekeeper, $17 an hour.

Head chef, $25 an hour.

Teacher, $26 an hour.

Psychologist, $69 an hour.

Chauffeur, $18 an hour.

Entertainer, $44 an hour.

Personal shopper, $18 an hour.

Personal trainer, $29 an hour.

Lawyer, $72 an hour.

Nanny, $16 an hour.

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