We all know that we all have ‘those moments’, where we make an honest mistake. The hope is, that our mistake doesn’t hurt anyone, or cause too much distress, right?  But, what if your mistake is that you passed your exit on one the busiest highways in the GTA, would you COMPOUND your mistake, and put others at SERIOUS risk for injury, or worse, by BACKING UP ON THE HIGHWAY?? There’s really only ONE answer to this question. Someone needs to find this person, and ask them what they were thinking. Thank goodness no one was injured. As we know, this could have ended tragically. And has, in the past.

According to BlogTO, the video above was posted by Nicholas Somberg, a Michigan-based criminal defence attorney who was visiting Toronto. The caption on the video reads, “From our AirBnB balcony we see a car stop in the middle of the highway and starts driving in reverse! We were on the edge of our seats! Epic win or Epic fail here?”



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