While they don’t actually look like the KISS characters, the pandas are causing quite a stir!

To understand the mass appeal of pandas, all you have to do is go on YouTube and see the dozens of videos of pandas doing everything from sneezing to going down a slide.
Other videos have shown, however, that, while cute, they are wild animals with claws and teeth, so it’s not advisable to get too close to them.
In the end, however, their appeal is largely the result of their adorable black-and-white faces and their docile, playful nature.
But there’s much more than looks when it comes to appreciating their arrival.

Here then are five reasons why this city should be excited about them.
•Okay, let’s start with the fact they’re undeniably cute and adorable.
•They are a great boost for the Toronto Zoo in terms of both anticipated revenues and public relations because of the international attention the pandas will get.
•Having them come from China can act as a springboard to boost Sino-Canadian relations.
•Giant pandas are a rare species, and this gives visitors to the Toronto Zoo an opportunity to learn more about conservation efforts to save the species.
•Children will come to the zoo in droves to see the pandas. This will afford parents a chance to introduce their kids to other zoo wildlife, broadening their education of wildlife across many species.

Giant panda facts
Here are some interesting things you should know about the giant pandas coming to the Toronto Zoo.
• The panda pair will be flown to Toronto by FedEx.
• Pandas are the icon of endangered animals throughout the world.
• They technically are carnivorous but 90 per cent of their diet comes from bamboo.
• The female panda only has a 24- to 72-hour period to become pregnant each year.

You can track their flight HERE

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