It was another tough weigh-in today, for Mayor Rob Ford, and his brother Doug….!  with PETA’s bikini-clad Lettuce Ladies, urging him to go vegan for a healthier lifestyle…!

Ford did his best to ignore the two women, who are members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,  as he stepped on and off the scale at city hall, and told a reporter afterwards that he wouldn’t go vegan.

But Ford’s spokesman accepted the basket of vegan veggie dogs from the activists from the U.S. animal rights group.

The mayor gained one pound on Monday to 312 pounds, compared to his last weigh-in on April 2.

His brother Coun. Doug Ford weighed 249 pounds, relatively unchanged.

The mayor’s brother said he doesn’t eat red meat because he worked at a meat packing house for four years when he was going to school and “it kinda turned me off.” But he still eats chicken and fish.

The two men are on a weight-loss challenge each trying to lose 50 pounds by June 18.

Any words of encouragement for our Mayor, will be much appreciated!  Post them below!