Tim Hortons debuts news cup sizes in select Canadian cities..!

Starting today, customers in the Ontario cities of Kingston and Sudbury were getting a little more coffee than usual when they placed their orders.

Tim Hortons is replacing the small 8-oz. cup with what is currently its medium 10-oz. cup. All the sizes are getting bumped down the ladder (large becomes medium, extra large becomes large) and Timmies will be adding a new 24-oz. extra-large size.

These cup sizes will follow the sizing the U.S. locations of Tim Hortons currently use, where they have never used the 8-oz. cup.

As for pricing, the cost-to-coffee ratio will remain the same.

“Guests will get the same amount of coffee for the same price as before, just the names of the cups have changed,” said Alexandra Cygal, Tim Hortons spokeswoman.

If you’re left wondering just how big that 24-oz. extra large is, it’s the same as two standard pop cans, one-and-a-half pints, or four average cups of coffee.

And for those who are more familiar with another coffee giant, Starbucks, Tim Hortons’ new extra-large is larger than the Venti, but smaller than the newly released 31-oz. Trenta.

There is currently no timeline for the test market, nor is there any word on when other markets will get the new sizing at the end of the test, if it’s successful.

Do the new sizes pose a problem for you?  It sounds like we’ll be getting more coffee for the same price, so we should grab hold of that while we can…!