Following in the footsteps of the legends of Canadian art.  Sounds like a fun way to spend summer!


Quest (kwest); noun:  an adventurous expedition undertaken to secure or achieve something.  You know,  I think we all should have a quest.  Me, I’m a simple man.  It would be to visit every major-league baseball park.  That, or hit every Diner, Drive-In & Dive I possibly could before ruining my health (note to self:  that’s probably one.)  Anyhow, saw this in the paper yesterday and loved it.  A couple in Hamilton decided, a few years (and possibly a few glasses of wine…oh, how it often involves wine…!) ago, to seek out the exact spots…where members of the Group of Seven painted their beautiful, iconic, Canadian masterpieces.  They thought they’d do the research, pack up the camping gear, head out, and hopefully be able to stand exactly where artist and canvas set up shop all those years ago. Then, they’d take a picture to see if it matched the painting!  Click here for the rest of the story.  As you can see above, it appears they nailed the spot where A.J. Casson composed one of  his more famous paintings.  What a cool quest!  And one that’s not bad for your arteries either(!).