Mississauga is about to get it first roundabout!  I can’t wait!  This feels so British!

If you’re driving near Square One in Mississauga next week, you might find yourself going in circles.

The first of three roundabouts in the downtown is set to open to traffic next week.

Duke of York Boulevard near Square One is about to become a very busy street. The new Sheridan College campus is opening there in a couple weeks. The first of three roundabouts on Duke of York will be open to traffic next Monday.

“It makes it simpler for pedestrians to cross, they’re only looking in one direction,” Wendy Alexander with the city’s transportation department said. “Traffic flow is made simpler.”

“We are working very hard to develop a vibrant downtown core,” Alexander added. “They’re designed to facilitate vehicular traffic at lower speeds and they are a nice design feature for downtown.”

If you’re worried about driving in circles, the City of Mississauga has an interactive educational video on their website.

“Once people drive through once or twice, they’ll get the hang of it quite easily,’ Alexander said.

City staff and police will be on hand next week to help guide drivers.

As long as everyone remembers to ONLY GO RIGHT, it should be fine! (and fun!)  I may make the trip to Mississauga, just to try it out! (you?)