The subject of public nudity is due to get  some exposure in a Toronto court Tuesday.

Lawyers for a man who’s on trial for being nude in a public fast food eatery near Bracebridge will argue it should not automatically be a criminal offence.

Stephan is a nudist with the Bare Oaks family Resort said there is a time and place to express your self but the public nudity law goes way too far.
“I don’t think it should ever be a public offence to show your own image, your own body, the way we were made,” he said.

Laywers defending the fast food nudist said criminal laws are not meant to protect the prudish.
An employee at the retsuarant was weeping in court saying she could see the man’s private parts and it made her uncomfortable when he  pretended to reach into his non-existant back pocket to get his wallet.

In theory, it may only need to be a criminal offense if a person takes it too far, but, in reality, it NEEDS to be a criminal offense, because there will probably  be a lot of people who will try to take advantage of it, if it’s not…!  What do you think?