All hail the mighty strawberry!

I have to come clean:  I hate vegetables.  I remember my mom talking to my doctor during a check-up one day.  Mom was quite concerned.

Mom, concerned:  “Doctor, he’ll eat macaroni and cheese until the cows come home, but he refuses to eat his vegetables!”

Dr. Phillips, not really that concerned:  “Does he eat fruit.”

Mom, still concerned:  “Yes…”

Dr. Phillips, still not really that concerned:  “He’ll be fine.”

Mom, still concerned:  “But what about vegetables?”

Dr. Phillips, not concerned, but now somewhat annoyed: “He’ll be fine.”

Dr. Phillips was my hero from that day forward, despite the fact he had the bedside manner of the Soup Nazi.  Fruit!   I can do fruit!   Now I’m an adult, and yes, I have learned to enjoy some vegetables.  But get this, as it turns out the ones I like…are actually fruit.  Go figure.  Tomatoes, peas, corn…fruit.  Weird.  Anyhow, the good news is it’s strawberry season, and these guys pack a broccoli-sized health punch.  Did you know 8 to 10 strawberries a day can significantly decrease blood pressure, helping your heart immensely, and have been found to reduce the risk of cancer, enhance memory function and prevent rheumatoid arthritis?   Yep, all true.  Somewhere, Dr. Phillips is almost…smiling.  Hey I found this cool recipe — just in case you’ve had your fill of strawberry shortcake (is that even possible?!) this might be something tasty to try! click here.