Yep, that’s one ugly pooch alright!


This weekend as we all went about our business, the good folks in Petaluma, California, were busy crowning the winner of their annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest.  Yes, in a society so obsessed with beauty it’s nice to see someone give the aesthetically-challenged their due.  Hey, we can’t all be Lassie, right?  Right!  This year’s winner, who quite resembles the rather unattractive Star Wars character Yoda, is named, well, Yoda, and as the story goes, when discovered by her eventual owner behind an apartment building, was mistaken for a rat.  Beautiful.  Pardon the pun.  As you can see in this video report, (click here) after winning, Yoda walked to the edge of the stage to greet the paparazzi, and promptly fell off.  She was okay.  Ugly, and klutzy. My kind of dog!