There is a petition to make beer and wine available at the corner store!  I’m all for it!  What do you think?

The LCBO Wine and Beer Convenience Campaign posters, now up in Toronto downtown neighborhoods, are getting attention fast from the majority of people who want to have wine and beer available at the corner store.

Members of our campaign team were standing at the traffic lights at Harbord and Spadina and College and Bathurst to get a few reactions from neighborhood pedestrians and reaction was 100 percent in favour, with no one indifferent on the subject.

Here’s a few clips harvested on the street.

“Wow. Awesome,” puffed one jogger waiting at the lights. “I hate the LCBO monopoly.”

“About time,” said a shopper on her way to Kensington Market. “I really hope this works. Though I think it’s going to be a tough slog against the LCBO and Beer Store to give over.”

“Man, I’d really like to see that happen,” said a cyclist stopping to adjust the basket on her bike. “You’ve got my vote.” Another biker just whistled by with a thumbs-up sign.

Even two bike cops stopped to chat with us and courteously took a poster with them. They were both for it and said they didn’t think that convenience store availability would increase the rate of drunk driving in town. It’s mainly the hard core drunks that make a habit of drinking and driving; they’re the real the problem, one officer said. The other added that a large issue was over serving in bars.

A guy on his way to the bank said he was really in favour of change to our liquor laws. “I don’t see why it should be a problem when almost no one is a fan of the system we’ve go now. “Keep up the good work,” he urged, promising to post one in his hair salon and talk it up with customers.

Overall, the most negative responses were that we were the little the mouse that roared, taking on big government and not likely to succeed in addressing the iron grip monopoly held by the old-boys club. But they certainly applauded our objectives. That’s seemed to come from people over 40. Anyone younger thought the social media approach to getting wine and beer into corner stores rocked.

Ideas? It would be nice to not have to worry about the LCBO/Beer store hours, when you’re running late for a party….!